Polished Admin bootstrap admin template based on Bootstrap v4.

  • By Muhammad Azamuddin
  • Last update: Feb 19, 2022
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Polished Admin Template

Polished Admin bootstrap admin template based on Bootstrap v4.

The colors and elements are inspired by Shopify Polaris. This template doesn't strictly follow all Polaris rules. Fully compatible with Bootstrap v4.1.1

Getting Started Guide

CSS File

To start using polished, download or clone the repo and simply include polished.min.css located in dist folder to your project file. Bootstrap 4.1.1 are already bundled, you don't need to include bootstrap css file manually

Javascript File

You can use cdn for javascript's files that's required by Bootstrap.



By default, Polished suggests iconic. To use this iconpack, include the open-iconic-bootstrap.min.css file located in the dist/iconic/css folder. Of course you can replace iconic with any iconpack you wish.





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    Remove container-fluid from homepage

    Hello im really like about copycat metro ui + bootstrap I recommended to change container-fluid into container only coz its look horrible if u using container fluid Thanks

  • 2

    Findings Lost CSS For DataTables

    Just information, on demo table page. The DataTable section is not completely working because the CSS for DataTables doesn't embedded. If you want to use DataTables on your project, you can simply add DataTables javaScript and CSS on your project file.

    CMIIW Cheers :beers: