An Evernote-like theme for Joplin

  • By JY Li
  • Last update: Aug 25, 2022
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EverJop — An Evernote-like Theme for Joplin

For those who want to use Joplin with Evernote's UI — not only the colors, but also the pixel-level details, which is more polished than Joplin's stock UI.



  1. Download userstyle.css & userchrome.css
  2. Open Menu ➜ Preference ➜ Appereance ➜ Show Advanced Settings
  3. Click "Custom stylesheet for rendered Markdown", and copy-paste the content of userstyle.css into it
  4. Click "Custom stylesheet for Jopoin-wide app styles", and copy-paste the content of userchrome.css into it
  5. Save the .css files and restart Joplin


  • Mimics Evernote 10 UI as much as possible
  • Some details tweaked for better-look (e.g. tag-bar colors)
  • Optimized for speed as far as possible
  • Tested on macOS

Not implemented:

  • Preferences window not customized
  • Not tested on Windows and Linux, yet