An enhanced version of the logseq default theme.

  • By Michael Schmidt-Korth
  • Last update: Oct 23, 2022
  • Comments: 2

Logseq - Enhanced Dark & Light Theme

An enhanced version of the default Logseq theme.

Theme Features

  • Highlight current block path (via colorful indents)
  • Easier identifiable headings
  • Identify external/page links (via * and ^)
  • More beautiful task labels, priorities and tags
  • Easier to identify list item numbers
  • Button highlight on interaction

Logseq - Enhanced Dark Theme

Logseq - Enhanced Light Theme


  • Option 1: Automated updates
    1. Download this repository (clone or as zip file, then extract)
    2. Follow the instructions provided here to load the plugin folder
  • Option 2: No automated updates, using custom.css
    1. Open your logseq/custom.css file (details)
    2. Replace its content with the one from this file (copy & paste)




  • 1

    http references

    First of all, thanks for an excellent theme. I really enjoy using it.

    I noticed that references to http resources like here:

    Make it impossible for published notes to load over https. Browsers are starting to block mixed content.

    I could open a PR but I wasn't sure how you manage the file. So here's a ticket 😉

  • 2

    Make Bold and Italic more visible

    I really dig your theme due to its practicality. There's only 1 thing I'd like to see, which is to make Bold and Italic format a bit more visible for the dark theme. Don't know if you can increase the size or changing it to another color works too.

    Thanks a lot for making this theme and the guides. Really helpful!