ADVENTURE - A simple website of a tourism agency for tourists.

  • By Pritam Sarbajna
  • Last update: Sep 21, 2022
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ADVENTURE - A simple website of a tourism agency for tourists.

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  • This is a simple website
  • Pure HTML, CSS, JavaScript used

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  • 1

    [BUG] : In hover, covering content

    When I'm hovering it's transforming and covering the content as shown below.

    Screenshot (203)

    Suggestive changes :

    Either change the transform scale or move the content little left.

  • 2

    Change fonts

    Hey there, came across the project and decided to handle the fonts. This is a summary of the changes I've made:

    • Adding the font-families as css variables so that they can easily be changed on one place and reflect throughout the whole app.
    • UI updates like adding a container to ensure on big screens size is capped.
    • Added some responsive fonts
    • Adjusted the positioning of some things into a more consistent pattern.

    Looking forward to the code review!

  • 3

    Contributors section

    Kindly Check if this needs any more changes @PritamSarbajna

  • 4

    Created a Contributors Section

    Hello @PritamSarbajna, I have created a basic version of the contributors' section, I don't expect it to be perfect, so please tell me what changes should be made. Thank you.

  • 5

    Contribution UI

    Added myself as a contributor in the HTML file. Changed the User Interface of "Contributor cards" when a user hovers over it! Screen Shot 2022-09-03 at 17 23 29

    If there is anything wrong with the pull request or anything in particular please tell me, as this is the first time I am contributing to someone else code!

  • 6

    [IMPROVEMENT] : Change the logo

    Please change the logo you can see below :

    Screenshot (210)

    Here is what you can do:

    • Change the font of the logo
    • Replace it with a adventure logo (png file)

    NOTE : You have to do either of them don't implement both

    If you're thinking to change the logo with a png file then before making PR do show me here

  • 7

    [IMPROVEMENT] : Make UI responsive

    1> The home background image is very big size, plz compressed it. 2> In Explore section the glass effects box UI is leftside aligned. (when screen >850px) 3> The things in this explore box are also not responsive. 4> About us section should have a leftside paddings at screen >770px. 5> Contribution box are too big. 6> There is no contribution part in navbar. 7> Navbar has a few less padding.

    Screenshot (29) Screenshot (30)

  • 8

    [DOCS] : Make a

    Hey, @PritamSarbajna thanks for this fantastic beginner-friendly project. I'm sure this will help people starting out in Open source like me I just had a suggestion that for an Open Source project it would be helpful to have a code of conduct file.

    Kindle refers to this:

    Also if it's okay with you, could you assign me to it?

  • 9

    [BUG] : Button's behavior is not correct

    When I'm hovering in the button it's texts are also changing to same color as background thus I can't see what is written also when I specifically hover over the texts they are much more readable. Fix this.

  • 10

    [IMPROVEMENT] : Move this to footer

    Hey contributors, please move this to footer also keep 3 icons which is LinkedIn, GitHub and a globe.

    This is the current snap :

    Screenshot (198)

    I want this as this :

    Screenshot (199)

  • 11

    Improve the functioning of Navbar Buttons

    This commit will solve the problem of navbar buttons getting hover effect even when they are not clickable, which was making it a bit confusing and irritating for the user. I have basically removed the classes and ids which were given to <li>, and gave them to the anchor <a> tags inside the respective <li> tags, which changes only one thing, that the hover effect and active state changes are applied to <a> rather than <li>, which makes it clickable and thus improve the functionality of the navbar.

  • 12


    #64 done changes with the texts #62 i have done a minor change in this .please review this .
    Proposing new feature: In my opinion the text is looking much better than if the logo was added because the website is in more sophisticated way so the text looks better .

  • 13

    [FEATURE] : Change dummy texts to original texts

    In the website there is a lot of dummy texts (lorem ipsum texts). The website should contain original texts like a real tourism website. Please update the texts with relevant original texts.

  • 14

    [FEATURE] : Light/Dark theme toggle

    You can add a theme toggle button in your website, which will change your website to go from dark mode to light and vice versa. Have a look on below one. (