Master the creation of Modern UX/UI Websites

  • By Adrian Hajdin - JavaScript Mastery
  • Last update: Jan 9, 2023
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Modern UI/UX GPT-3

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Modern UI/UX GPT-3

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This is a code repository for the corresponding video tutorial.

You might be wondering, what are the prerequisites for building such an amazing website? Don't worry, this course is completely beginner-friendly! We're going to start easy and them move to more complex topics. Every step of the way will be explained. Alongside building the website, you'll learn:

  • React Functional components and their reusability
  • React file and folder structure
  • Fundamental CSS properties to master flex & grid
  • Fundamentals of the CSS BEM Model
  • From soft and pleasant animations to complex gradients
  • Perfectly placed media queries for satisfactory responsiveness covering almost devices
  • And at the end you'll learn how to deploy your websites to extremely fast servers and give them a custom domain name.



  • 1

    Updated the path of import for "logo.svg"

    Path before --> ../../logo.svg (which is giving the error as the path is not correct) Path after --> ../../assets/logo.svg (correct path)

    Please accept my PR and merge the changes as i am a beginner in open source also and want to contribute to this repo and thankyou for making all this stuff. Really helpful. Doing a great job bro.