A platform that accepts CSV or JSON large files, and breaks them into smaller bits - must be the right format.

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Go-chunk is a free and reliable file splitter that allows you to split your large CSV or JSON files into smaller bits called CHUNKS. These chunks are converted into Zip for download and also made available to save for later download. On Go-chunk your data is secured and protected from security breach and also files are splitted in the fastest way possible.


With Go-chunk, you can have access to a personal dashboard to split files

  • Two splitting options are made available ; split into a set of same sized chunks or split into a number of rows.
  • You may enter your preferred size per file or the number you want your file to be splitted into.
  • You can choose to download each chunked files one by one incase of tested splitting
  • You can save your chunked files on your dashboard and download anytime
  • We store your file properties like dates and file attributes.
  • Split very large files; The minimum file size accepted to split is 2mb
  • Customize your file attributes according to your need ; file name,size,number,date and status
  • You are able to work in your own language, we support multiple languages; English,french,spanish
  • You can give us feedback on your chunking experience so we can know how to serve you better.
  • You can have access to dark mode and light mode features for a better Chunking experience



Built With

Our site was built using the following tools:

    * HTML
    * CSS
    * PYTHON(Django) ​ ​
  • How to Use

To run locally

Clone the project

git clone https://github.com/zuri-training/Chunk_file_team_48.git

Go to the project directory

cd Chunk_file_team_48

Create a Virtual Environment

python -m venv venv

Activate Virtual Environment


Install Dependencies

pip install -r requirements.txt

Make migrations

python manage.py makemigrations

Migrate the database

python manage.py migrate

Create superuser ```

python manage.py createsuperuser

Finally, Start The Server.

python manage.py runserver


Here is the link to our Documentation

Our Team

Meet our Team here


Chinecherem Nduka {@ChinechNduka}


The completion of this project could not have been possible without the assistance of Zuri and Ingressive4Good. We would like to also express our deep appreciation and indebtedness to our project supervisor and Zuri mentors for their endless support, kindness, and understanding during the project duration. Special thanks to all team members who played their role well in making this project come to life.