A personal portfolio presenting my works, skills and personal info

  • By Fernando Saldaña
  • Last update: Apr 1, 2022
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This project is a personal portfolio to give a presentation of myself as a profesional giving a quick review of my work and some information about myseelf

Built With

  • HTML
  • CSS

Getting Started

##Live page: https://fasaldana.github.io/Portfolio_project/

This project is still on develop


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Contributions, issues, and feature requests are welcome!

Feel free to check the issues page.

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  • 1

    Milestone: making a Popup window

    In this milestone, we created a pop-up modal to show more about a project at the work section:

    • Added functionality on a JavaScript file.
    • Added Styles to the modal window
  • 2

    Added functionality to the menu bar

    In this milestone, a JavaScript file was added with functionality:

    • For the menu bar on mobile version.
    • For title disappearing when bar is opened.
    • For changing the 3 bars into an x when tab is opened.
  • 3

    Footer form and styling

    • Added a Form section at the end of the index.html file for the contact information.
    • Added form.css for styling the contact form.
    • Fixed buttons colors and hover actions.
  • 4

    Skeleton for works and aboutme sections

    Some files were modified to show more information and added some css files for every section

    • Added Section works and about-me to index.html
    • Modified some styles to style.css for better looks on presentation section
    • Added works.css for styles in the works section
    • Added aboutme.css for styles in the about-me section
  • 5

    First skeleton for the portfolio project

    In this milestone several files were added:

    • Added linters file
    • Added index.html file with the skeleton of the aplication
    • Added some images in a folder named: media/
    • Added styles using css for the index file
  • 6

    Peer Debugging

    While debugging I found the following errors:

    1. On line 114 and line 178 customFormData and overlay are listed as variables instead of strings. They should be 'customFormData' and 'overlay' instead.
  • 7

    Milestone: Changes for accessibility

    List of changes by accessibility issues:

    • Page Title: The tittle was changed so that it's easier to understand
    • Image text alternatives: There is only one image that needed an alternative text, others are decorative.
    • Text headings: No issues found.
    • Resize: Text font size was changed for that if thee page size is changed the text gets bigger.
    • Interaction: No issues found.
    • Moving content: No issues found
    • Multimedia: No multimedia.
    • The basic structure of the page: No issue found.