A neat collection of useful links to resources and tools for digital artists, designers & developers alike.

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  • Last update: Jun 24, 2022
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A neat collection of useful links to resources and tools for digital artists, designers & developers alike.

The HyperLinks.Site project's goal is to make resources (such as software, references, websites and other tools) easily available for both new and expericed designers, software & game developers or anyone interested in digital content creation.


How to submit links

Until a proper static building system is in place, follow the next steps to add links:

👍 The easy way

If you don't know how to edit HTML or you don't feel like touching the code, you can just follow this procedure:

  1. Read the GUIDELINES before doing anything.
  2. Add the links at the end of /_submissions/links.txt.
  3. (Optional) Add your name in the contributors section of /humans.txt.
  4. Make the pull request.

👩‍💻 The coding way

If you want to add links directly into specific categories, make new categories, modify existing ones, or something similar. You can use the method you are already familiar with:

IMPORTANT: Remember to make different commits for each relevant change so that it is easier to review and approve your pull request.

  1. Read the GUIDELINES before doing anything.
  2. Make modifications to the /index.html files.
  3. (Optional) Add your name in the contributors section of /humans.txt.
  4. Make the pull request.


In order to keep the linked content relevant, useful and safe for everyone, there are rules on what kind of content can and cannot be hosted in the site, make sure your links don't break any of the following rules before you submit them:


  • Links that enforce or contain racism, sexism, discrimination, ableism, xenophobia, homophobia and/or violent nationalism, or the advocation of all of the above will be rejected.
  • NSFW content, content illegal in Germany and/or France (holocaust denial, Nazi symbolism, conduct promoting the ideology of National Socialism).
  • Links to NFTs or NFT-related sites. Also any sites that might have ties to crypto are highly discouraged.
  • Self-promotion, advertising and/or spam of software/services not related to productivity, art, design or development.
  • Links to websites that contain or enforce piracy/pirated software.
  • Duplicated links.


  • Links that contain resources and references to artistic material.
  • Links to web-based tools or software, specialally those related to content creation, design and productivity.
  • Links that provide FOSS (Free Open Source) alternatives to commercial software.
  • Links to forums/social sites about art and software/game development discussion.




  • 1

    Added links, changed some sections

    • Renamed "Engines" section to "GameDev" section

    • Added "Engines" and "Frameworks" sections under "GameDev"

    • Added Phaser and MonoGame under "Frameworks"

    • Added PixelVision 8 under "Fantasy Consoles"

    • Added "VSTs" sections to "Software/Audio/Compose" subsection

    • Added Sylenth1, Nexus, Massive and Serum under "VSTs"

    • Added Cubase to "Software/Audio/Compose"

    • Moved Ableton from "Make" to "Compose"

    • Added Dear ImGui and stb-headers under "Resources/Libraries/C++"

    • Added Lospec Pixel Editor under pixel art editors

    • Added remotegamejobs.com under "Jobs"

    • Added Microsoft Edge under "Browsers"

    • Added Flaticon under "Resources/Symbols/Icons"

    • Added Meshlab under "Software/3D"

  • 2

    Music additions

    Additions: Domino (Composition software) Pxtone Collab (Collaboration software) Vital (VST) Virtual Midi Synth (Listening software)

    Changes: Change's Pxtone Collage's Information (Link and Name) Adds name

  • 3

    Add submission guidelines

    I need to add guidelines for 1- What kind of links are allowed 2- How to submit them

    Also make it easy, I don't want people not adding stuff because they don't know how to edit HTML, so a simple plaintext file should do, with a static build system that just adds the new stuff in the file to the HTML.

  • 4

    Stop relying on google's api for the favicons

    I wanna get rid of the third party cookies added by google for using it for fetching the favicons of each page, so I'll store the icons locally instead and make a script that just adds the <img> instead of having to add it manually.

    Or something like that