A Library Skin For fluent for steam. Includes Dark mode for Library, Download Page, And Friends List.

  • By JoTech
  • Last update: Dec 16, 2022
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Installation Instructions

Download (the windows version): https://github.com/PhantomGamers/SFP/releases

  1. Once you have SFP extract it with 7zip into a folder to keep, now open SFP_UI, once opened click scan and patch. Now go to SFP settings and make sure Patcher and Scanner categories have everything checked. Make sure "Check for updates on startup" and "start minimized" are enabled as well. (This is for when steam updates sfb can patch it again)

  2. Download My Installer Here (.exe file): https://github.com/JoTechOfficial/FluentForSteamLibrarySkin/releases/ Close steam if it's open, then open Installer and follow steps to install in your steam directory (Default is C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam)

  3. Open Steam and Enjoy!

How To Uninstall

  • Go to steam folder then clientui and delete friends.custom.css
  • Go to steam folder then steamui and delete config.css and libraryroot.custom.css


  • If steam updates and library/friends list skin is not applied reopen SFP_UI and Click Patch
  • If you uninstalled or things are not visible or buggy then open SFP_UI and click Reset Steam

Install These Fonts (Only For Windows 7-10):

Segoe UI Variable Font Install


Inspiration From: https://github.com/purogamer/Fluent-for-Steam

Base Library Skin Code From: https://github.com/AikoMidori/steam-library

Base Friend List Code From: https://github.com/LaserFlash/steam-chat-skin and https://laserflash.tk/steam-chat-skin-website/

Steam Patcher By: https://github.com/PhantomGamers/SFP

Download Graph Fade Removal By: RENOM