A css script for Youtube.com

  • By Katgrills
  • Last update: Sep 16, 2022
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    Issue(s) report.

    I'm not so sure about the first issues that I notice as it seems that it may have been your personal choice and the second one is a really minor issue that I notice; not sure if you can even call it an issue.

    First: on the header the "Create" and "Search with your voice" icons aren't displaying. Second: on the release date of the videos the months, the first letter of the month isn't in capital letters.

    Like I said this are just really minor issues or your personal choice.

    Anyway, the style looks great, thank you for your work!

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    Tags are not like the screenshot

    The tags you showed on the screenshot (red, bigger) is not usable, or doesnt work for me. Is that another script or is there something wrong with my set up? I dont use anything other than stylus and this script though.