A Content Management System to allow users create simple websites, for example a portfolio page, a landing page or even a blog

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  • Last update: Dec 2, 2022
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A Content Management System to allow users create simple websites, for example a portfolio page, a landing page or even a blog.

This system allows user create, edit, and update content. Contents can be deployed.

For Developers


Contributions are always welcome!

See CONTRIBUTING.md if you want to make contributions to this project.

Please ensure you follow the steps in the CONTRIBUTING.md. If you don't, your contribution will be rejected.

Run Locally



  • User: Unauthenticated

    • Visit the platform to view basic information about it.
    • View and Interact with the documentation.
    • Register to set up a new website.
    • Setup the website by filling out some information.
    • Browse through available templates.
  • User: Authenticated

    • Full access to the platform.
    • Access to the backend of the created website.
    • Ability to create more pages.
    • Ability to change the template.
    • Unique address.
    • Ability to add social media links.

Tech Stack

Client: HTML • CSS • JavaScript

Server: Python • Django

Design: Figma

Useful Resources

To deploy

  • copy the link to the repo https://github.com/zuri-training/my-cms-pjt19
  • on your local, run git clone https://github.com/zuri-training/my-cms-pjt19
  • run cd my-cms-pjt19
  • run virtualenv -p python3 env
  • run /env/scripts/activate
  • run pip install -r requirements.txt
  • run cd optimus
  • run py manage.py runserver


Product Designers




  • 1

    frontend development of ironside


  • 2

    Frontend development of haul point


  • 3

    frontend development of smart studio


  • 4

    frontend development of chop chop


  • 5

    Frontend development of honey lens


  • 6

    Iron hide links


    Anchor links effected in the templates for the following:

    • All page buttons (More About me, Message me, View more, and Send buttons)
    • Social media icons (Pinterest, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram)
    • Mail to Optimus@Prime