A boilerplate for creating Figma plugins with Svelte, Vite and Typescript

  • By Candido Sales Gomes
  • Last update: Dec 23, 2022
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Figma Plugin + Svelte + Vite + Typescript


A boilerplate for creating Figma plugins using Svelte, Vite and Typescript.

Connecting your plugin to Figma

Connecting your plugin to Figma After installing, go to Plugins / Development / New Plugin in the Figma desktop app for Mac OS or Windows and choose the option "Link existing plugin".

You also can just type "New Plugin" in Figma global search to go there

From there you need to link a manifest.json file located at public folder in your directory:


Now edit this file to give a new name for your plugin, and you will be able call it from Figma: Plugins / Development / Your Plugin Name


During development, watch your project for changes with the following command.

npm run dev

Start building your plugin UI in 'src/App.svelte'.


When ready to package up your final Figma Plugin:

npm run build