A beautiful minimal theme for Obsidian.

  • By Cyasha Rain
  • Last update: Jan 6, 2023
  • Comments: 12

Obsidian Theme - Mado Miniflow

This is a minimal theme version derived from the theme Mado-11 and is inspired by the app design of Doctave. Certain styles are added, tweaked and removed from the original theme. The wave design is made with https://www.shapedivider.app/

The special CSS class mado-side-button is removed on this version, however, mado-header is remained.

This theme is intended for minimal workflow like what you're looking at currently, and may not support other types of plugin and workflow. However, feel free to pull a request for plugin supports, they may be in lower priorities but I'll take my time to support them



Where are all the buttons?

Similar to Mado-11, buttons are all hidden by default, and can be hovered to reveal them at their default position. However, the hovering is much easier to be triggered here.


  • Recommended Font: Segoe UI, Noto Sans JP
  • Resize Handle - hidden, hover to reveal.
  • Status Bar, App Title, Vault Title - hidden.

Adjustable CSS Elements

There are a few adjustable elements in the file where user can directly adjust them. They can be found by searching for the keyword "/* ADJUSTABLE CSS */" in the file.

  • "Navigation Folder Title" or "Vault Title" on the left can be toggled on and off by display:none.
  • The Wave design at the bottom can be disabled.
  • Finally, the max-width of the notes is now fixed at 830px.



  • Dock ribbon buttons are restyled for easier hovering.

  • Workspace tabs, as well as sidebar vertical spacing are readjusted.

  • "File Explorer" buttons are restyled and reverted back to their original position.

  • Drag-Handler position are adjusted, you can now easily find their position by hovering just at the edges of the main/middle pane.

  • Highlighted text in dark mode from the search result is now more readable.

  • Background issue in Translucent Mode is now fixed.

  • Mobile fixes:

    • Note title and buttons are adjusted.
    • Side margins beside the main note are removed.
    • Setting menu size is adjusted.
    • Ribbon buttons are no longer hidden by default.
    • Fixed weird bottom margin on the whole screen.
    • Applied padding in the main note.


  • Release!




  • 1

    Left margin outline pane

    The left margin is relatively wide, how can I reduce it? I have tried with

    outline .tree-item-inner {
      margin-left: -50px;

    That works but the reduction is insufficient. But if I go to e.g. -60px the text goes behind the white.

  • 2

    Tables cut off in live preview

    Hi! Just noticed wide tables are cut off in live preview mode: Screen Shot 2022-08-25 at 12 15 23

    But not in reading mode: Screen Shot 2022-08-25 at 12 15 30

    Would it be possible to fix the live preview mode OR allow to set a cssClass: wide or max in front matter?

    Thanks! :)

  • 3

    [Feature Request] Add option to always show all buttons

    I LOVE the look of this theme, but can't stand the only-visible-while-hovering buttons.

    Could you add either an easily changeable option in the .css or compatibility with obsidian-style-settings to add an option to always show all buttons?

  • 4

    [Bug] Wrong css style of the new window when opening current panel in new window

    1. when i open current tag in new window directly, css style of the new windows go wrong. image

    2. then i keep the new windows and change the theme to defualt, css style of the new windows looks normal. image

    3. last i keep the new windows and change the theme back to Mado Miniflow, css style of the new windows is as shown in the figue below. image

    it dosn't look completely normal in both cases No.1 and No.2. i would be greatful if you can fix it. 🥺

  • 5

    Obsidian Sync Status invisible on desktop

    As the sync status of Obsidian Sync came visible in the sidebar of the mobile app with 0.2.0, it still isn't on desktop. Should be shown at least when hovering over the known position, if not all the time.

  • 6

    Mobile support?

    This is such an awesome theme! I turned off the waves just because I like the simplicity without, and I love how the note pane feels like a little page of paper!

    Are there any plans to support this theme on mobile?

  • 7

    [SUGGESTION] Change color of italics

    Italics are meant to be a type of emphasis, yet they're basically greyed out in this theme. I heavily recommend changing their color to at least the default text color, or even coloring them in something that actually calls attention.

  • 8

    Sidebar Bug - Content not showing

    Hello, I have sidebars with some pinned notes for tasks and related things. In th current implementation of the theme the content of the sidebar is squeezed despite having lots of white space availavble


    Note here is what the sidebar looks link in minimal (redacted) with the same view

    Screen Shot 2022-08-06 at 3 11 59 PM
  • 9

    Mado Miniflow in dark is not compatible with highlightr


    in light mode, the theme have a good porformance: image

    in dark mode, it seems weird: image and this is how it looks like in default theme: image

    to closed, i'm truly grateful to your extraodinary work.💓

  • 10

    [Bug] Too Much Space After Tabs and 4 Spaces

    Hi! Loving the theme so far.

    I noticed there may be an issue with how the theme styles tabs or 4 spaces.

    Here is an example of some text using varying amounts of spaces and tabs in the default theme. image

    However, in both dark and light modes of this theme, for some reason every tab and group 4 spaces is shifted up by a certain amount, causing misalignment that isn't present normally. image image

  • 11

    [Feature Request] Style Settings integration

    Thanks for an absolutely brilliant theme.

    For us non-CSS savvy folks, it'd be handy to be able to adjust basic features using Style Settings, such as showing or hiding buttons, changing text colours, and changing the accent colours.

    Whether the upcoming default theme will affect this somehow, I'm not sure.

  • 12

    Too much padding in tables and kanban cards


    I noticed there is excessive padding in tables and in kanban cards (perhaps elsewhere too). It only seem to happen with text fields. Here are some screenshots from Db folder and kanban: notice the left and right padding.

    image image

    (note: I used the minimal theme before and this padding wasn't present).

    Do you think you could solve this? Is it due to the theme or something else?