A light theme for Obsidian, inspired by typora-vue.

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  • Last update: Dec 27, 2022
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Obsidian-Typora-Vue is a theme for Obsidian, which is inspired by typora-vue-theme, obsidian_orange and Blue Topaz.

This project is based on Blue Topaz and some code of my project is from obsidian_orange. Thank them very much.

The font color, font size and all style is choosed elaborately to be as similar with typora-vue-theme as possible so that you can use these two kinds of software simultaneously and switch in a low-cost way.


The icons on folder and file title in navigation are from obsidian_orange . You can optionally use it by downloading and moving it to your local \.obsidian\snippets\. I will use it in the following rest of the document.



1. Hover on Header in Preview View


2. File/Folder Tittle of The Navigation in Single Line or Multi Lines

Multi Lines Single Line
Default Download the css snippet nav-single-line.css to your local\.obsidian\snippets\additionally
Green border in the right Green border in the left
img2 img3

3. Various Style of Mark of Unordered List in Editor View(of course in preview view too)


4. Orange Inline Code Style, Gray CodeBlock Style and Green Blockquote Style Like typora-vue-theme in Both Editor and Preview View


5. Green and Bold Weight Link Style Like typora-vue-theme in Both Editor and Preview View

External Link


Internal Link


6. Table Style Modified from Blue Topaz Like typora-vue-theme in Preview View


7. Supporting Other Feature From Blue Topaz

Color Tag


Line or Border of Unordered/Ordered List in Both Editor View and Preview View

Border in Preview View
Line in Preview View
Download the css snippet vertical lines of list-1.css to your local\.obsidian\snippets\additionally
(The snippet is modified from Blue Topaz #snippets )
⚠️ WARNING: This snippet might result in scrolling wrong in preview view even if in official default theme.


Manually download the obsidian.cssto your local \.obsidian\themes\ and rename it to Obsidian-Typora-Vue.css.


Issues and PRs are welcome.




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    The font of paragraphs is not changed in edit mode on Android

    I'm sorry that I cannot speak Chinese in advance.

    I love your Obsidian theme. This theme allows me to use the edit mode as like the preview mode. I edited your CSS file to add Korean font because the default font for Korean is ugly. It was easy to modify the CSS code to add an additional font. The modified code works well on Obsidian PC, but does not in Android.

    The strange thing is that the title of a note, menu text, the font of the header, and code text(annotated by `) is changed, on the other hand, only the paragraph text still shows the default font.

    I tried to force the font to show by adding "font-family: var(--font-family-major) !important;" in various class. However, it did not work.

    Is there any hint for that?