A classless theme based on Sakura.css which aims to look modern and be lightweight. You should be able to apply this to any plain HTML and have it look good with little to no tweaks.

  • By Chris Bailey
  • Last update: Mar 26, 2022
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A classes css theme based on Sakura.css which you can check out here

Generic.css aims to be lightweight, comprehensive, sensible and modern.

Apply this to any plain text site to get it styled elegantly and looking sharp.

Upcoming Changes:

  • Add bookmarklet
  • Add styling for section, aside and footer

See generic.css in action

Check it out on rawgit here


  1. Download Generic.css:

    wget "https://raw.githubusercontent.com/vereis/generic.css/master/css/generic.css"

    Or grab it here: generic.css

  2. Add it to your <head>...</head> tag

    <link rel="stylesheet" href="downloadpath/generic.css" type="text/css">