Stable hi-speed, small size fully-featured affordable CoreXY 3D printer. Inspired by HevORT, Voron, Annex Engineering and EVA2 design.

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SnakeOil XY

Stable hi-speed, small size fully-featured affordable CoreXY 3D printer. Inspired by HevORT, Voron, Annex Engineering and EVA2 design.



Feature Credit/Inspiration by/Description
3 Point bed leveling HevORT, Wobble ring
Belted Z Lulz bot, Voron
Din mounter Voron
Cross belt corexy belt path HevORT
Eva compatible toolhead EVA
Filament spoll in side chamber -
Quick release panels Added on beta2 release
Built-in chamber air filter Added on beta1 release
Auto build sheet detect and profile loader Work in progress
AIO filament runout + jam detector + width sensor Work in progress
Modular sensor add-on system Work in progress
Probe(bed mesh) on print area only Added on beta2 using klipper macro
Screwless belt mounter VzBot
Bed fan Qholia

Input shaper test result (beta2 1515 gantry with Sherpa mini extruder)


Demo videos

Bed coupling SpeedBoatRace Slow benchy
Video Bed coupling Speed benchy Speed benchy
Hardware version beta1 beta2 beta2


SnakeOil-XY currently has 2 versions

Both machines are practicaly identical, only difference is the build volume.

180x180x180mm build volume (Standard)

250x240x230mm build volume (Large)


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  • 1

    Various typos and spelling corrections

    I've spotted a couple of typos/spelling mistakes

    In Gillter or CF filled filaments might make the parts more brite. presumably you mean "Glitter" and "brittle"?

    You use the word tunning a few times. Presumably you mean tuning?

  • 2

    English Spelling mistakes and TPU foot inserts for the feet

    Corrected the english in the ringing guide and added tpu inserts you can add into the feet parts to have some dampening. Printed the inserts and installed them. They work and fit in very well.

  • 3

    Simplifying the folder structure in the stl section.

    -Merged the tools from root folder to the tools in stl folder as they were all duplicates of each other. -Moved alot of the mods in the stl folder to add-on. -Added recommended in front of the default option when more than 1 are available (ex: 1515-2020-makerbeamxl) -Simplified the names of the E-Axis folders -Added tensioning Idlers to the Mods.

    Nothing got deleted. Just moved to make the stl folder less confusing.

  • 4

    Split the BOM for 180 and 250mm

    Split the BOM into 2 different files. Added redirects in the BOM to the 2 different files. Corrected some mistakes and added some info in both BOMs.

  • 5


    • identify printed parts by printed_parts_colors
    • refactored to be more pythonic
    • now opens a GUI window (otherwise we cannot get color)
    • can be run from the console OR as a FreeCAD macro
  • 6

    Updated BOM and separate Logos

    Updated BOM:

    1. Added link for EVERY item.
    2. Added entries for Controller board, hotends, thermistors, etc.
    3. Fixed some english
    4. Fixed the Table of contents redirects

    Added Logos:

    1. Just infinity symbol
    2. Just XY symbol
    3. Full Logo

    Left to do: -Add images for each section in the BOM -Add a section in the BOM for tools and wiring stuff