A dark theme for Discord, need BetterDiscord installed

  • By Tom Zhang
  • Last update: Dec 15, 2022
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An actual dark theme for Discord


BetterDiscord is required to be installed

Betterdiscordctl might be a handy tool to install BetterDiscord on Linux

Install Instructions

Install as a theme

  • Go to the Themes tab in Discord's settings (BetterDiscord section)
  • Click on the Open Theme Folder button
  • Drag dark-discord.theme.css into the folder
  • Go back to the Themes tab in Discord's settings, enable the theme with the switch

Install as a custom CSS

The custom CSS option can be useful if your install of betterdiscord is bugged or not supported fully

To use this option,

  • Go to the Custom CSS tab in Discord's settings
  • Copy the content in dark-discord.scss (here)
  • Paste in the textbox
  • Click on the save button, then the update button to apply


You can customize this theme by changing the color hex codes in the file

(Be careful, there's a lot of them)