Adds direction (LTR, RTL) variants to your Tailwind project

  • By Ron Melkhior
  • Last update: Nov 30, 2022
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Tailwind Direction

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Tailwind Direction adds a custom direction variant to your tailwind project, letting you have custom CSS rules for LTR and RTL layouts.

Note: This package requires Tailwind >= v1.0.1.

Getting started

Install the package via NPM/Yarn.

# Yarn
yarn add tailwindcss-dir --dev

npm install tailwindcss-dir --save-dev

Now, setup the plugin in your Tailwind config's plugins section. Currently the plugin doesn't offer any configuration.

plugins: [

Finally, you can use the plugin and add it to modules you want to use it with.

variants: {
	float: ['responsive', 'direction'],
	margin: ['responsive', 'direction'],
	padding: ['responsive', 'direction'],


The plugin adds ltr and rtl variants to your modules. With the default Tailwind configuration, you can use them like so:

<div class="text-green text-2xl ltr:pl-4 rtl:pr-4">
	Hello world.


Tailwind Direction is licensed under the MIT license.



  • 1

    rtl: and ltr: doesn't work


    I installed tailwind in my project (laravel) using tailwind-preset and then installed tailwindcss-dir following the installation steps. but both ltr: and rtl: is not working

    my tailwind.config.js:

    module.exports = {
      theme: {
        extend: {}
      variants: {
        float: ['responsive', 'direction'],
        margin: ['responsive', 'direction'],
        padding: ['responsive', 'direction'],
        textAlign: ['responsive', 'direction'],
      plugins: [
  • 2

    Support right and left ?

    Hi, I have a simple style:

    LTE Screen Shot 2021-04-09 at 3 22 14 PM

    RTL Screen Shot 2021-04-09 at 3 23 33 PM

    With this code:

    <span class="absolute inset-y-0 lte:left-0 rtl:right-0 w-1 bg-indigo-600 rounded" aria-hidden="true"></span>

    It is worked with lte but rtl the right arrow does not work!

  • 3

    How can I set border to rtl and ltr direction ?

    How can I set Border to rtl and ltr direction ? for example: <input class="w-5/6 sm:w-11/12 border-b-0 border-t-0 ltr:border-l-0 rtl:border-r-0 p-3 ltr:float-left rtl:float-right rounded-none" type="search" name="search" id="search" >

    In the above code ltr:border-l-0 rtl:border-r-0 does not work.

  • 4

    tailwindcss-dir rules removed on build

    Hey, First thanks for this great plugin.

    I'm experiencing a weird issue, when deploying my application the ltr and rtl rules are not in the builded css. I suspect purgeCss to be responsible of this. I tried to add some new rules in purgecss whitelist in the tailwind.conf but that didn't work. Any idea how to solve this ?

  • 5

    Error: Couldn’t find Tailwind screen: ltr

    npm install tailwindcss-dir --save-dev

    in tailwind.config.js - added

    variants: {
             padding: ['responsive', 'direction'],
    plugins: [

    And added ltr:px-4 rtl:px-2 in some component

  • 6

    Added support to the same level dir attribute

    Thank you so much for this awesome plugin

    I figured that sometimes I need to add some specific styling to the same level div I added the dir="rtl" attribute to it. as follows:

    <div className="border p-2 ltr:pl-4 rtl:pr-4" dir="rtl">
      <h1 className="font-bold text-2xl">This it RTL Text</h1>
      <p>Lorem Ipsum ...</p>

    but the css is targeting only the next level items:

    [dir='rtl'] .rtl\:pr-4 {
      padding-right: 1rem;
    [dir='ltr'] .ltr\:pl-4 {
      padding-left: 1rem;

    so I added the also the needed selector:

    [dir='rtl'] .rtl\:pr-4,
    [dir='rtl'].rtl\:pr-4 {
      padding-right: 1rem;
    [dir='ltr'] .ltr\:pl-4,
    [dir='ltr'].ltr\:pl-4 {
      padding-left: 1rem;

    Thanks again.

  • 7

    I couldn't use it

    Hi, I flow document. But it don't work yet. I am using Vue and tailwind within laravel. I added this to tailwind.config.js:

    plugins: [
        modules: {
    	float: ['responsive', 'direction'],
    	margin: ['responsive', 'direction'],
    	padding: ['responsive', 'direction'], 

    But when I added the `rtl:pr-4' in my element it dose not work. What should I do?

  • 8

    It doesn't work unless adding a backslash

    Thank you for this plugin,

    I am testing it with the latest version of tailwindcss ( v1.0.0-beta.4 )

    After playing with it, it doesn't work unless adding a backslash ( \ ) before the separator: return [dir="${dir}"] .${dir}\\${separator}${className};

  • 9

    Use dir with :last and :first variants


    Is there a way to use dir variants with last or first variants? I've tried various way and can't make it work. Any ideas?

    - last:mr-0
    - lg:last:mr-0
    doesn't work:
    - rtl:last:mr-0
    - lg:rtl:last:mr-0


    variants: {
       margin: ({ after }) => after(['direction', 'last', 'first']),
  • 10

    Use `margin-inline` instead

    First of all - Thank you! Great project!

    For margin, padding, borders etc:

    I think it would be better to use margin-inline-start & margin-inline-end [same for padding etc.] instead of adding dir variants.

    The advantage of this approach:

    1. Write less code: write only one class that will handle both directions.
    2. Smaller bundle size: no need to generate all the variants...
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    Bump mixin-deep from 1.3.1 to 1.3.2

    Bumps mixin-deep from 1.3.1 to 1.3.2.

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  • 12

    not working when used via @apply in style file

    As mentioned in the title, when used with @apply, given classes are not added to the template.

    example use case:

    .action-btn-label{ @apply ps-font-medium ps-text-ghost-blue rtl:ps-text-xl; }

    the first two classes are added to the item but not ps-text-xl

  • 13

    Add same level option

    I wasn't really sure what to name the option but I went with sameLevel. I tested it out in my project and confirm it's working there as well. Let me know if you want any changes.

  • 14

    versioning question


    Increasing the major version often implies there are breaking changes, but i can't tell outright from the commits whether this is the case.

    Are you using a specific versioning strategy like semver?