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Qwakeactyl | a fork of dashactyl v0.4

Making a free or paid host and need a way for users to sign up, earn coins, manage servers? Try out Qwakeactyl. To get started, scroll down and follow the guide

All features:

  • Resource Management (gift, use it to create servers, etc)
  • Coins (AFK Page earning)
  • Coupons (Gives resources & coins to a user)
  • Servers (create, view, edit servers)
  • User System (auth, regen password, etc)
  • Store (buy resources with coins)
  • Dashboard (view resources & servers from one area)
  • Join for Resources (join discord servers for resources)
  • Admin (set/add/remove coins & resources, create/revoke coupons & etc)
  • API (for a lot things)
  • Legal (tos/pp in footer & its own page)
  • user friendly


We cannot force you to keep the "Powered by Qwakeactyl" in the footer, but please consider keeping it. It helps getting more visibility to the project and so getting better. We won't do technical support for installations without the notice in the footer.


We are not responsible for any damages.

install in VPS

$ bash <(curl -s https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Nightmaregodss/qwakeactyl-installer-assets/main/installer.sh)

start command

$ npm start


dw normal

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this project was not possible without dashactylv0.4 .