Dogshit under effort dotfiles filled with hacks, but looks good ngl

  • By Emma Johnson
  • Last update: Jan 9, 2023
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Dogshit Low Effort Dotfiles

Hi, I see you are here, welcome to my dotfiles, they are not so good but provides everything I need :). Ofcourse as the name, the effort in these dotfiles is significantly low, and it's filled with weird idiotic hacks, but trust me you won't notice them.

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  • ArchLinux as a distro, but bloated
  • ZSH as shell, more bloated than yo momma
  • XFCE as Desktop Environment
  • Kitty as the terminal
  • Picom as the compositor, with a shit config
  • Rofi as launcher
  • Inter as font
  • EWW and Conky as widgets!
  • Deadd notification center as notification daemon and center

Wanna use it? Lets do this

The folders in the .config directory are actual dotfiles, so you copy them into your "/home/<username>/.config" folder and edit them according to your needs.

Just make sure to:

  • Edit the API_KEY and the CITY_ID in conky to get the weather stuff working, it is located in ~/.config/conky/Kochab/scripts/ You can get one key from OpenWeatherMap
  • Make sure to edit the EWW widgets for your name, username and hostname to be displayed. They can be edited in ~/.config/eww/structs/main-utils/user/user.yuck.

Done? Neat!

Glad you asked! Below is the list :>

- Layan-GTK-Theme
Please use the modified one included in this repository, inside .themes folder. Just to eliminate those sucky right, left and botton window borders!

- Layan-Kvantum-Theme
Required for QT Applications, it can be again found in this repository, inside .config/Kvantum folder.
To apply the theme, install Kvantum Manager
Optionally Install QT5ct to style QT Applications.

- Rofi
To get the Application launcher, install Rofi
Optionally, to get a nice sexy looking emoji selector context menu, install the Rofi emoji package. The emoji menu configuration file is located in the rofi folder :)

- Conky
Ofcourse, to get some smoking hot widgets on your desktop! See Conky

- EWW! 🤮
Just kidding, EWW isn't actually EWW, its beautiful. Install it to get some dashboard like widgets. See EWW

- Vala-Panel-Appmenu This is our MacOS like Appmenu in the top panel, see Vala Panel Appmenu. Make sure to install the XFCE version.
After you install the XFCE Appmenu, make sure to run the below commands to enable it:

xfconf-query -c xsettings -p /Gtk/ShellShowsMenubar -n -t bool -s true
xfconf-query -c xsettings -p /Gtk/ShellShowsAppmenu -n -t bool -s true

- Deadd Notification Center
Ofcourse, how can we forget the notifications? The XFCE notification stuff is shittier than fortnite kids, so I decided to move on from it, then I found Deadd, it is quite good, ngl. See linux_notification_center

Dont with the packages? AWESOME!

Time for some extra stuff!

  • To get an apple like looking menu, install Xpple Menu
  • A good lightdm theme is the start of your beautiful and amazing session, I would recommend lightdm-webkit2-theme-glorious
  • Dolphin as the file manager, Thunar kinda sucks.. Don't cancel me please 🥺
  • If you are an emacs fanboy/fangirl, there is a theme included for doom emacs in the repository! Tho it is just the doom-palenight theme with some color values changed 😒

Time for some screenshots!

Home Screen
Homescreen Baby
EWW Widgets


  • The EWW widgets are from pagankeymaster with changed colors, repo
  • The conky theme is from closebox73 with changed colors and switched music state from mocp to mpris, repo
  • The Spotify theme is a modified version of Dribblish theme, repo
  • The rofi launcher is derived from adi1090x, repo