This is an Everforest theme for Obsidian. It supports both light and dark modes.

  • By GlitchByte
  • Last update: Nov 21, 2022
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Obsidian + Everforest

This is an Everforest theme for Obsidian. It supports both light and dark modes.

Everforest is a green based color scheme, it's designed to be warm and soft in order to protect developers' eyes.


  • Green based but warm-toned.
  • Designed to have soft contrast for eye protection.
  • Works well with redshift and f.lux.
  • Customizable.
  • Rich support for common file types.
  • Semantic highlighting support.
  • Italic support.

Currently only supports the Medium Material modes.


Simply copy the everforest.css file to your vault directory/.obsidian/themes to choose it from your settings.


  • Fix syntax highlighting in code blocks.
  • Create light/dark Hard Flat scheme.
  • Create light/dark Soft Contrast scheme.


  • This repo uses the "main" branch instead of "master"(legacy) branch.
  • Fork this repo, detail changes, and submit a pull request.



  • 1

    Active selection not highlighted in command palette and quick switcher

    Thanks for a fantastic theme - my favorite Obsidian them 😄

    Steps to reproduce this bug

    Open the command palette or quick switcher in dark mode

    Actual behaviour

    The active selection is not highlighted:


    Expected behaviour

    The active selection is highlighted:


    Light mode does work, but the contrast is very slight so it's hard to see.

  • 2

    Add background-color when toggle is enabled

    Not sure if this on your radar at all, but it might be an easy fix for enabling the background color when a toggle switch is enabled.

    Currently, the toggle "dot" is invisible against the green background when the toggle is enabled:

    img01 img02

    With the css fix applied: img03

  • 3

    a lot of !important

    For future development/maintenance, I think it would be a good idea to use as little !important as possible. Perhaps this could be part of a refactoring.

  • 4

    Minor fixes

    Thank you for the theme. I really like it but I had two minor issues with it.

    1. When exporting notes to PDF the color of the headings was not applied in the PDF. (d7320485ff9925e36e9953b09c0c8c55f9f8fc12)
    2. When using light mode, the color of links and tags was barely readable. (0e3df3659d29547d329e1217657a3bf6a2f6fbc7)
  • 5

    Theme looks different with the latest Obsidian Update 0.15.6

    I love this theme, but I think the latest Obsidian has changed some things under the hood which make this theme look a little rough around the edges :) For example when I click on anything in the sidebar it will add a white border around the element (screenshot): image Normally it looks like this (with no interaction) image

    For now I rolled back to Obsidian 0.14.15 and that seems to resolve my issues. But that's ofc only a temporary fix. Sadly I don't know enough CSS to fix it myself :)

  • 6

    Update Indentation Guide styling for Obsidian v0.14

    Obsidian v0.14.0 introduced true Indentation Guides, so the css has been changed to modify the existing guides rather than creating it's own.

  • 7

    Dark mode link colors not working in live preview

    When using this theme in dark mode, the link colors during "live preview" are blue instead of green. When switching to "reading mode", the link colors are the correct green. For verification purposes, I also tested this with all plugins disabled

  • 8

    Light mode color tweaks

    After working with the theme for a little longer, I felt the need to tweak some things.

    • The contrast of highlighting was a little to low for my taste (3c8347cc7160092312e7c5b70387744b9f3027d4)
    • I wanted the bar of the quote to be a little more colourful, like in the dark theme (bebd0b2b4693d7addee1d3ca2d8f7bf513c6c3c4)

    Maybe it would be helpful to update the screenshots for the readme.

  • 9

    Frontmatter YAML metadata not visible in Reading mode

    As the title says, the frontmatter YAML box is not visible in reading mode.

    I can see that it's been disabled in the CSS, but I would love a way to turn it back on without messing around in there myself. Some sort of settings pluggin perhaps? The Features block on the about page does say it's customizable.



    Default Theme:


  • 10

    [Issue] Native WYSIWYG issues

    • tags are different colours in preview vs. edit with native WYSIWYG mode
    • bullets different in preview vs. edit with native WYSIWYG

    Thanks again for a wonderful theme!

    Screen Shot 2021-11-11 at 08 50 36 Screen Shot 2021-11-11 at 08 50 33

  • 11

    [Feature] Sidebar shading to show active menu

    Would it be possible to add shading to the box around the active menu, such as what you have done for menu options, e.g., Screen Shot 2021-11-05 at 11 07 53

    Thanks for an amazing theme :)