Conference-page is a web page that advertises a summit about web designing

  • By Meqdam Al-qudah
  • Last update: Jun 7, 2022
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Project Name

Conference page


Basic design of the home page : 1-A small paragraph about the summit 2-the date of the summit 3 main program in the summit 4- Speakers who will give a nice speach in the summit screenshot screenshot screenshot screenshot screenshot screenshot screenshot

Basic design or the About page: 1- Add small paragraph 2- Add a logo for the summit 3- Add a pictures about past summit 4- add the partner's screenshot screenshot screenshot screenshot

Built With

  • Html
  • css
  • Linter -JavaScript

Deployed version

Getting Started

-open the index.html file in chrome and see the project


-click the green code button in the repo and then download the files or you can clone the repo using Git.

To get a local copy up and running follow these simple example steps.

  • Click the green Code button on the repo and copy link
  • In your local PC, open your terminal in the folder you would like to clone the project.
  • Clone the repo with the command: git clone (copied link); like so: git clone
  • On the terminal, navigate into the directory like so: cd Portfolio-setup-and-mobile-version-skeleton


Chrome or any explorer


👤 Meqdam Al-qudah


UI design credit :

  • Cindy Shin cc logo Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International (CC BY-NC 4.0)



  • 1

    Conference-page-project Desktop and mobile version Implementation

    This is the capstone project PR. In this pull request, several changes were made, such as:

    • All necessary files setup
    • Added all necessary content to index.html
    • Added all necessary content to about.html
    • Added mobile CSS styles
    • Added desktop CSS styles
    • Created dynamic HTML page in JavaScript.
    • Created dynamic Mobile Menu in JavaScrip.
    • Updated Readme file.
    • Fixed Linter Errors.
  • 2

    Edit 4 branch

    Make some changes to the Project:- 1-Change the background of the menu in the mobile version. 2-Change the background-clip of the text in the program. 3-Change the background color of the first span

  • 3

    Morning session code review

    Good job on your project, keep going! However, there are some issues you need to address before moving on!

    🎉Great animations and transitions! 🎉Amazing job on implementing all the functionality of the menu and neccessary buttons!

    🌱Please, consider following the design template while building your website. That way your employer will be satisfied with your job and you will be able to show your skills!