A Vue.js template with built-in Vite, Sass, TypeScript, PostCSS, and Tailwind CSS to help you start your project!

  • By LouieMartin
  • Last update: Jul 7, 2022
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Vue 3 + Typescript + Vite

This template should help get you started developing with Vue 3 and Typescript in Vite. The template uses Vue 3 <script setup> SFCs, check out the script setup docs to learn more.

Recommended IDE Setup

Type Support For .vue Imports in TS

Since TypeScript cannot handle type information for .vue imports, they are shimmed to be a generic Vue component type by default. In most cases this is fine if you don't really care about component prop types outside of templates. However, if you wish to get actual prop types in .vue imports (for example to get props validation when using manual h(...) calls), you can enable Volar's .vue type support plugin by running Volar: Switch TS Plugin on/off from VSCode command palette.