A little bit of utility classes related to css 3d transform

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  • Last update: Dec 16, 2022
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A little bit of utility classes related to css 3d transform


Note that @kamona/tailwindcss-perspective works only in jit mode.

Install the plugin from npm:

# Using npm
npm install -D @kamona/tailwindcss-perspective

# Using Yarn
yarn add -D @kamona/tailwindcss-perspective

Then add the plugin to your tailwind.config.js file:

// tailwind.config.js
module.exports = {
  mode: 'jit',
  theme: {
    // ...
  plugins: [
    // ...

Basic usage

View the live examples

Read this tutorial to get familiar with 3d transformation in css

Basic Examples
<div class="perspective-9">
  <div class="w-40 h-40 p-4 bg-red-500 rotate-x-30 rotate-y-35 -rotate-z-20">
    <h2>3D transform</h2>

First you need to add perspective-* class to parent element to activate 3d space to its children.

Class Value
perspective-none none
perspective-1 100px
perspective-2 200px
perspective-3 300px
perspective-4 400px
perspective-5 500px
perspective-6 600px
perspective-7 700px
perspective-8 800px
perspective-9 900px
perspective-10 1000px
perspective-25vw 25vw
perspective-50vw 50vw
perspective-75vw 75vw
perspective-100vw 100vw

All default rotate values also available to rotate-x, rotate-y, and rotate-z with more values.

  rotate3d: (theme) => ({
    // default values
    // https://tailwindcss.com/docs/rotate
      // new values
          '-60': '-60deg',
          '-50': '-50deg',
          '-40': '-40deg',
          '-35': '-35deg',
          '-30': '-30deg',
          '-25': '-25deg',
          '-20': '-20deg',
          '-15': '-15deg',
          '-10': '-10deg',
          10: '10deg',
          15: '15deg',
          20: '20deg',
          25: '25deg',
          30: '30deg',
          35: '35deg',
          40: '40deg',
          50: '50deg',
          60: '60deg',

All default translate-x and translate-y values also available to translate-z.

<div class="perspective-9">
  <div class="w-40 h-40 p-4 bg-red-500 translate-z-20 rotate-x-30 rotate-y-35 -rotate-z-20">
    <h2>3D transform</h2>
transform-style-3d class

An element’s perspective only applies to direct descendant children. In order for subsequent children to inherit a parent’s perspective, and live in the same 3D space, the parent can pass along its perspective with transform-style: preserve-3d.

<div class="p-20">
  <div class="perspective-9">
    <!-- we need to add 'transform-style-3d' class to make its child live in the same 3d space -->
    <div class="w-40 h-40 p-4 bg-green-500 transform-style-3d rotate-x-30 rotate-y-35 -rotate-z-20">
      <div class="flex justify-end">
          class="p-2 translate-x-10 -translate-y-6 border border-black shadow-xl bg-white/70 translate-z-16 -rotate-x-10 -rotate-y-30 rotate-z-20"
          3D transform
Perspective origin.
Class Properties
perspective-origin-center perspective-origin: center
perspective-origin-top perspective-origin: top
perspective-origin-top-right perspective-origin: top right
perspective-origin-right perspective-origin: right
perspective-origin-bottom-right perspective-origin: bottom right
perspective-origin-bottom perspective-origin: bottom
perspective-origin-bottom-left perspective-origin: bottom left
perspective-origin-left perspective-origin: left
perspective-origin-top-left perspective-origin: top-left

More information soon...