This Folder contains 3 basic games that I developed purely with HTML, CSS and JavaScript

  • By João Felipe Reis Cavoli
  • Last update: Jan 3, 2023
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The Folder ''Games'' 🎮

This Folder contains 3 basic games that I developed purely with HTML, CSS and JavaScript, all of them based on a lot of research (I spent hours watching videos on how to work with animations and on how to resize images and gifs, it was tiring)

The first is a little mario game where you have to jump over the pipes or else you lose! It's a very shallow project, there's a lot missing, but this game was made based on a video from the internet, so I decided to make another game

The second Game is famous, I tried by myself to recreate the google dinosaur game, when we went offline, based on what I learned while studying, this one is already more complete, with a score and game over screen, it even has paragraphs about the commands about the game!

The third one is much more complete, it's a simple memory game with a rick & morty theme, I confess that I took the images from a video on youtube, i was determined to improve this game, putting a rank and a reset button, however, I decided to focus on something for the ' pages ' folder, so I consider the third game finished.

The folder ''Pages'' 📄

this folder contains home pages and landing pages that I produce and others projects, I decided to separate them from the games because I thought they are different enough content to be separate, so far, I just recreated an old home page of the game 'League of Legends', made by Riot Games

The next project I did this in the folder 'pokédex', being literally a basic pokédex with HTML, CSS and JS, involving API consumption, in this case the Pokémon API. It contains 2 buttons, which are used for navigation between Pokémon, also contains an input to search for pokémon, both by name and number in pokédex.

The google Extension folder literally contains an extension created by me, which, in short, takes an image from a valid URL informed by the user, and then this image replaces thumbnails of youtube videos, very simple even.

That's all for now!