A lite and flexible CSS framework (Inspired by Skeleton CSS)

  • By HeavenMercy
  • Last update: Sep 24, 2022
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A lite and flexible CSS framework (Inspired by Skeleton CSS)

Hasser is primarily made to define the style of the contained tag on the container one.

Fake... ">

<span class="has-button-success">

It was difficult to apply a style on a Symfony form without having to create a bundle/module. I wasn't familiar with the framework, so I decided to create this and wrap parts of form to style them.


  • Has a flexible 6 column grid designed on/for desktop and automatically adapted for the the other screens. For rigid/static/"not flexible" column, append '-noresp' to the column class.
  • Has a hero style, a
    that will take all the page width and height

To see all the available class, consult the file 'hasser_repert.txt'
To see the framework in action, open the file 'documentation.html'

Don't hesitate to notify me of any issue, so that I can fix it quickly.
And you can send me any request or suggestion.

Good luck !


  • If you like that framework, please spread the word ! I am not yet popular :lol:
  • Don't hesitate to send a link of a project of yours using this framework ([email protected])
  • Little Self-Promotion: I also have a little project in PHP... Give it a try (https://github.com/HeavenMercy/PDONoSQL)