Chameleons-Beauty to Firefox CSS

  • By GodieGun
  • Last update: Dec 17, 2022
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Chameleons-Beauty to Firefox CSS

Theme to "Beautiful" Themes Lovers. v98+ versions of the browser.

  • (ES) Compatibilidad completa con la versión estable del navegador.
  • (EN) Complete Compatibility with stable version of the browser.


Características Adicionales- Additional Characteristics


Adapted to Light and dark Themes



  • OneLine - Preview
  • Play/Pause icon button extension.

¿Cómo instalar? - How to install?

    (ES) Pasos para configurar el tema:
  1. Descarga el tema con el gran botón verde: Code >>
  2. Copia la carpeta chrome y el archivo user.js dentro de la carpeta de perfil de tu usuario de firefox.
  3. Reinicia el navegador.
    (EN) Steps to config the theme:
  1. Download the theme with the big green button: Code >>
  2. Copy the chrome folder and the user.js file into your Firefox profile directory.
  3. Restart the browser.
  • (ES) Para encontrar el directorio de tu perfil ve a about:support or about:profiles.
  • (EN) To find out your profile directory go to about:support or about:profiles.

Compatibilidad - Compatibility

  • Windows 10 (Tested - Probado)
  • Linux - ManjaroKDE (tested - Probado)
  • Windows 7 (Not tested - No probado)
  • Windows 11 (Not tested - No Probado)
  • MacOS (Not tested - No Probado)

Example of about:support


Adapted to "Beautiful" Themes

You should install the themes from firefox add-ons web page: Here




  • 1

    Gradient not being applied

    Hello! I recently got this theme, but the beautiful gradient that, for example, the active tab should have, isn't there.

    I'm pretty sure I have correctly installed Chameleon's Beauty - I have customized the wallpaper of my new tab using it, also, so that's proof that it works. I also have installed and enabled the Beautiful GX Proton theme.

    What am I doing wrong? Why is there no gradient?

  • 2

    Icon has a glitch on right side for the "Firefox" icon for the theme

    Please see here for an example of this, i believe it's related to 4K display, i've got it sized to 250% as i'm on a laptop.

  • 3

    Thickness of the bookmark folder border

    Love this theme but I find the thickness of the bookmark folder border kinda ridiculous in the last update. Can you point me to the setting where I can make it as thin as around the settings/hamburger window? Thanks