A website that displays scores submitted by different players. It also allows you to submit your score. All data is preserved thanks to an external API service.

  • By Ushindi Gedeon
  • Last update: Nov 19, 2022
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"Leaderboard" is a game board created to keep record of players scores. I'm building this Leaderboard with Javascript (ES6) and Webpack, using promises and async awaits.

Built With

  • Javascript
  • HTML and CSS
  • NPM

Getting Started

You can have a copy of this repo run on your local machine by just directly cloning it.

Live Demo

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  • Node.js
  • npm
  • vscode(or else)

To get the output of our project make sure you have google Chrome, Mozila or any other browser installed.


In order to install this project please go through the following steps:

    • Open the Terminal
    • Navigate to the directory where you want to add this repository
    • Run git clone https://github.com/GedeonTS/Leaderboard.git
    • Run npm install to install the necessary modules
    • Run npm start


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  • Hat tip to anyone who helped us.

📝 License

This project is MIT licensed.




  • 1

    Milestone2: hit the API

    Leaderboard: hit the API

    In this step I:

    • Sent and received data from an API.
    • Implemented the form "Submit" button
    • used async and await JavaScript features to consume the API
  • 2

    Morning session review 20/05/2022

    Hello @GedeonTS, You did a great job implementing the requested requirements for this project, below you can find few comments on how you can improve the functionality of the website:

    • It is better to notify the user with an alert or a popup if the input fields were not filled with data
    • Try to add conditions to the inputs value to make sure that only valid usernames are accepted.

    I have to mention that the design and the responsiveness of the website are really good added features.

    Nice work 👏🏽 👏🏽 👏🏽

    Happy Coding 🥂