A complete browser-based card matching game built with Mavo.

  • By Dmitry Sharabin
  • Last update: Oct 1, 2022
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Memory Game

Memory Game is a complete browser-based card matching game (also known as Concentration) built with Mavo.

For more information see this article in Wikipedia.

How the Game Works

The game board consists of sixteen “cards” arranged in a grid. The deck is made up of eight different pairs of cards, each with different symbols on one side. Out of the box, the game supports three different sets of symbols — built-in themes: emoji, flora, animals.

The cards are arranged randomly on the grid with the symbol face down.


The gameplay rules are very simple: flip over two hidden cards at a time to locate the ones that match.


Game Interface

Game State Panel

Game State Panel

Parts of the State Panel (left to right):

  1. Star Rating
  2. Moves Counter
  3. Timer
  4. Reset Game button

Game Board

Game Board


You can add your own themes, export and share them with your friends, or import someone else's themes.


Attempts Results Table

The game stores the results of a user's attempts using browser's local storage.

Attempts Results

To clear the table use Clear Results button Clear Results.

Game Launch

To start the game open file index.html in a browser or just follow this link.


The content of this repository is licensed under the MIT License.