Payloads developed for Hak5 tools such as the BashBunny, USB RubberDucky, and SharkJack

  • By Blue Cosmo
  • Last update: Jan 1, 2023
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Blue Cosmo

A repository containing my payloads for easy finding :)

Hak5 Payload Libraries

Default Hak5 Settings

Bash Bunny:
USER: root
PASS: hak5bunny

Lan Turtle:
USER: root
PASS: sh3llz

Packet Squirrel:
USER: root
PASS: hak5squirrel

Shark Jack:
USER: root
PASS: hak5shark

Wifi Pineapple:
USER: root



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    Adding a few more (less useful?) payloads...

    The Matrix - Wake Up

    • Recreates the "follow the white rabbit" scene when Neo wakes up (UberGuidoZ)

    Rick Roll (ASCII)

    • Opens Notepad and prints a Rick Roll ASCII picture that "dances" (UberGuidoZ)

    Hacker Typer

    • Opens up the website and does a few things in a meaningful order (UberGuidoZ)

    Rick Roll Apple

    • Rick Roll for iOS that opens up the RR YouTube and makes it full screen. (Kalani, UberGuidoZ)
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    Adding a few Rubber Ducky payloads

    Admin who never sleeps

    • Quick and simple script that adds a local hidden admin user and then sets power settings to never sleep. (UberGuidoZ)

    Defeat Defender

    • Opens security settings, disables Defender, then adds an exception of drive C for persistence. (Zero_Sploit, B33m0, UberGuidoZ)
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    DucKeyhook c.cmd seems not working !

    Hey Cosmo, When first time I connect the USB it does all the steps pretty well but I can't get the logs on Discord, I went to the "startup" folder and run c.cmd again and it worked but it started to send logs twice ! I hope you can help me with this.