Star Admin2 Free Bootstrap Admin Template

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  • Last update: Dec 19, 2022
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Star Admin2 Free Bootstrap Admin Template

Star Admin 2 Free is an open-source, admin dashboard template built with Bootstrap 5 created by BootstrapDash.


Download and installation

1 - Install node package. If you don’t know the installation steps, please click here.

2 - Click the Clone or Download button in GitHub and download as a ZIP file or you can enter the command git clone in your terminal to get a copy of this template.

3 - After the files have been downloaded you will get a folder with all the required files

4 - Open your terminal (Run as Administrator). You can install all the dependencies in the template by running the command npm install. All the required files are in the node modules. If you didn't run with admin authorities, you can see errors.

5 - Find the file named index.html, check what all components you need. Open the file in a text editor and you can start editing.

6 - Now that your project has now kick-started, all you need to do now is to code, code, and code to your heart's content.

Star Admin 2 Free is a free admin dashboard template built with Bootstrap 5. We took the original Star Admin Pro and gave it a design overhaul along with newly written code to create our best template yet. This is a modern-looking dashboard with a clean and elegant design. The template is well crafted, with all the components neatly and carefully designed and arranged within the template. Star Admin 2 Free comes with a clean and well-commented code that makes it easy to work with the template. Thus making it an ideal pick for jump-starting your project.

Browser Support:

Star Admin 2 Free is designed to work flawlessly with all the latest and modern web browsers.

License Information:

Star Admin 2 Free is released under MIT license. This is a free Bootstrap 5 admin template developed from BootstrapDash. Feel free to download, use, share, and get creative with it.

How to Contribute?:

We love your contributions and we welcome them wholeheartedly. We believe the more the merrier. To contribute make sure you have Node.js and npm installed. Now run the command gulp --version. If the command returns with the Gulp version number, it means you have Gulp installed. If not you need to run the command npm install --global gulp-cli to install Gulp.

After Gulp has been installed, follow the steps below to contribute.
1 - Fork and clone the repo of Star Admin 2 Free
2 - Run the command npm install to install all the dependencies.
3 - Enter the command gulp serve. This will open Star Admin 2 Free in your default browser.
4 - Make your valuable contribution
5 - Submit a pull request

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    Why doesn't Gulp create the "dist" folder?

    Thanks for providing a nice template. I'm new to gulp. Why doesn't gulp create the "dist" folder after I use gulp command? Did I miss something or any extra steps?

  • 2

    Fix the typo (btn-otline -> btn-outline)


    If I'm right, there's a typo I stumbled across.


    (I think btn-outline-{color} is right.)

    This PR is for correcting this typo.

    Please check it out! Thank you.